DukeMTMC4ReID dataset is a large-scale real-world person re-identification dataset based on DukeMTMC dataset. The authors use a fast state-of-the-art person detector algorithm, Doppia, for detecting people in video frames. After verified by the ground truth, for each identity, they uniformly sample 5 "good" bounding boxes in each available camera, while retaining all the "FP" bounding boxes in the corresponding frames. Some statistics about the dataset are provided below:

  • images corresponding to 1,852 people existing across all the 8 cameras
  • 1,413 unique identities with 22,515 bounding boxes that appear in more than one camera (valid identities)
  • 439 distractor identities with 2,195 bounding boxes that appear in only one camera, in addition to 21,551 "FP" bounding boxes from the person detector
  • the size of the bounding box varies from 72×34 pixels to 415×188 pixels

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Related publications:

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