Embedded Vision Summit 2018

The Embedded Vision Summit is the preeminent conference on practical computer vision, covering applications from the edge to the cloud. It attracts a unique audience of over one thousand product creators, entrepreneurs and business decision-makers who are creating and using computer vision technology. The 2018 Summit will take place May 21-24 in Santa Clara, California. It’s the ideal venue for getting the word out about interesting new technologies, techniques, applications, products, and practical breakthroughs in computer vision.

The Summit program will incorporate four presentation tracks:

  • Technical Insights. These presentations will focus on practical technical education. Experienced engineers will present techniques, trade-offs and case studies useful to vision product developers. Presentations in this track are non-promotional.
  • Enabling Technologies. These presentation opportunities provide a way for Alliance Member companies to highlight their products. Presented in a dedicated theater in the Technology Showcase area, Member company demos will be close at hand. (Member companies sponsoring the Summit at the Diamond, Premier Plus, Premier and Gold levels have Enabling Technologies presentation slots reserved for them. Other Member companies may reserve Enabling Technologies presentation slots for a fee.)
  • Business Insights. Presentations in this track should focus on providing insights useful to business decision makers, including market and technology trends, business models, and case studies illustrating how vision technology is delivering value to consumers, businesses and other organizations. Presentations in this track are non-promotional.
  • Fundamentals. These introductory tutorials are intended for those who are new to the embedded vision field -- or to some aspects of it. Attendees receive a fast-track technical learning experience delivering practical computer vision know-how that they can put to work right away.

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