Praxis gesture

Praxis gesture dataset is a new challenging RGB-D upper-body gesture dataset recorded by Kinect v2. The dataset is unique in the sense that it addresses the Praxis test, however, it can be utilized to evaluate any other gesture recognition method. The collected dataset consists of selected gestures for Praxis test. There are two types of gestures in the dataset: dynamic (14 gestures) and static (15 gestures) gestures. In another taxonomy the gestures are divided to: Abstract, Symbolic and Pantomimes. Each video in the dataset contains 29 gestures where each one is repeated for 2-3 times depending on the subject.

Related publication:

  • Farhood Negin, Pau Rodriguez, Michal Koperski, Adlen Kerboua, Jordi Gonzalez, Jeremy Bourgeois, Emmanuelle Chapoulie, Philippe Robert, Francois Bremond, "PRAXIS: Towards Automatic Cognitive Assessment Using Gesture Recognition", Journal of Expert Systems with Applications, 2018.